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Can I have a quote?

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Yes! Just click on the link to the right and provide as much info as you have.

We’ll typically returns costs and designs within a couple of hours or call to discuss the options and get a better feel for your needs.

Do I have to be trained to install it?

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No. We provide a design layout drawing and provided this is followed by the installers, we can safely say the system will meet the requirements!

How much will it cost me?

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Our Rhinorail edge protection systems are the most competitively priced on the market!

The cost can range significantly depending on the requirements of the building so we do like to look at each job on its merits to provide the most cost effective solution on the market

Is it tested by a third Party?

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 Yes the system has been independently tested by Satra Technology. We can also provide loading calculations for fixed rail projects proving their compliance.

What is the lead time for delivery?

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We hold a comprehensive stock of our standard product range, and have a great relationship with one of the most reliable carrier networks. Providing orders are confirmed by 11am, we can deliver to most parts of the country the following day, in some areas providing a time pre-10am service.

Custom products are typically fabricated in approx. 7-10 day period.

What the lifespan of the systems?

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Most of the systems are hot dip galvanised equivalent to BS EN ISO1461. This is a much thicker coating than the majority of Pre-galv versions on the market.

 In terms of the life span, the environment in which its installed will have an influence on the lifespan of the coatings. IE coastal areas or high pollution areas are likely to reduce the lifespan of the coatings. However we would suggest that a minimum of 40 years is capable in galv.

Why do I need guardrail edge protection?

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  • Guardrail is a collective fall prevention measure, so more than one or 2 operatives are protected by a single system.
  • It removes the element of human judgement! By this I’m referring to the Friday afternoon factor! Its Friday afternoon, and the operatives are clocking off for the weekend once they’ve completed their tasks on the roof. Would they necessarily take the time to collect the harnesses from the store? Would they put them on correctly? Would they attach to a line system or anchor point correctly? Would assemble a heavy mobile anchor correctly? Or would they risk it? With guardrail all of these choices are removed and edge protection is in place so they are protected without having to choose to be so!
  • Freestanding guardrail is a non-penetrative solution. Reducing the risks of water ingress that a fixed line or anchor may cause.

Will the weight be too much for my roof?

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Highly unlikely! We always say that if you can walk on the roof, guardrail will not cause damage to the roof. The rail will impose a much lower loading than that caused by someone walking on the roof.